What is BinkleyTerm XE?

BinkleyTerm is a freely available FidoNet compatible electronic mail interface and dumb terminal package. This means it's a program for receiving and sending mail and files within FidoNet or other Fido Technology Networks.

BinkleyTerm was written by Vince Perriello and Bob Hartman. It is copyright © 1987-1996 by Bit Bucket Software, Co. "BinkleyTerm" and "Freely Available" are trademarks of Bit Bucket Software, Co.

After publishing the source code of BinkleyTerm v2.60 for free again, a lot of people around the world added their changes, additions and fixes to this version. Only Thomas Waldmann tried to launch a team for coordinating this.

The BinkleyTerm modified by this team (The BT-XE Team) is called BinkleyTerm XE or short BT-XE. XE means eXtended Edition (EE was already used by Michael Bünter for his modified version of BinkleyTerm v2.50).

BinkleyTerm XE runs under DOS, Linux, OS/2 and Win32. We currently have no DOS developers so the future of the DOS version is in doubt. The Linux version is still very young and there is no gamma release yet. But you can get the current beta/alpha source tree and compile it yourself.

BinkleyTerm XE supports all common protocols used within the FidoNet like WaZoo, EMSI, ZedZap, Janus, Hydra and xHydra.

Download BinkleyTerm XE NOW!

BTW: Maybe you have asked yourself what "Binkley" means? Here's the answer: Binkley is a young boy from the Bloom County Comics of Berke Breathed. Vince Perriello chose this name, because Binkley "has an anxiety closet with monsters in it. So he stays up all night." (Vince Perriello). little picture of Binkley

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